Protecting people and brands

At Ivity it is our belief that brands are men’s dreams perpetuated in Economics. It is those who dare to strive and thrive beyond challenges who project into services or products their way of making a difference in society.

We have been protecting our client’s brands as if they were our own for almost 35 years. Some of them are the fruits of our own labour, others came to us in their youth and we followed their development, while others have sought our help at a later stage of their lives and we have always been able to return them to youthful energy.

Throughout these, almost 35, years, we have learnt that it is not things that make the difference. People are the most precious ‘raw material’ of brands, the secret formula for all successful brands and, therefore we also look into the future inside organizations, devaluing context versus content, and time has proved us right.

TThis is a special moment in the history of brands, where content is much more valuable than context. It is time to act and protect people; it is time for brands to take a stance in this humungous challenge to protect the whole of society. We believe that at this time of vulnerability in society, more than ever, brands must be closer to people.

To meet this challenge we have created the project Protecting People and Brands. We create, customize and produce in Portugal textile community face masks certified by the Portuguese authority CITEVE, to enable companies to protect their employees, their clients and their fellow citizens.

It is our conviction that by protecting people, brands have a unique social opportunity, by working together with our world class textile industry, to protect our brand Portugal.

Carlos Coelho and Paulo Rocha

Ivity founding partners